22 people running after a ball, or commonly known as football!

Ramadan is still going on. All bars and night clubs are closed during this month. The alcohol shops are on forced vacation. ... still there is some fun continuing during Ramadan: football!
Last week I went to the semi final of the African Champions League between Zamalek and Ahly, which happen to be the two best football teams in Egypt. It was impressive to see a stadion filled with white (Zamalek), red (Ahly) and black (massive police force). Ahly won and will play in the finals end of the month... some more fun to look forward to with 22 men and a ball ;-)

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Update fever Wow, after one year of silence I can now barely keep up with the speed the new stories are appearing here :)

Écrit par : Barbara | 27/10/2005

nice finally Natalie, you made it! But it was worth waiting, well done. I'm curious for some hotel stories now...

Écrit par : Mieke | 28/10/2005

hola Salem Aleykum Natalia! What's up with the 2nd year around dieNile? Am I supposed to fly to Egypt before we can meet up once more? I'll have you now I'm willing to make that sacrifice one day :) Hope you're not just having fun, but getting some sleep as well. Greetings from Hengelo (OV), Netherlands.

Écrit par : basz | 28/10/2005

Wow! I leave the country for 3 days and i almost have to read a book when i come back! What happened Natalie? Feeling sick? You know where to find me if you need help...
But well done!

Écrit par : Sarah | 31/10/2005

... Eid Mubarak to you all!

Écrit par : Barbara | 02/11/2005

The end... The end is near... another 2 hours and we're back to normal!!! ilhamdu lillah!

Écrit par : Sarah | 02/11/2005

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