"Don't make me break my fast!"

Yes, Ramadan is a peaceful month! And yet, .... fasting does not just mean not eating and not drinking between sunrise and sunset, it also means no sex (for married peole, for the unmarried this goes all the time, not just in Ramadan), no unpure thoughts, no cigarettes, not getting rude or upset with other people, no, no, no... As you can imagine, all these nos are ment to improve the peope, but it also causes a lot of frustation. Also imagine Cairo's traffic, chaotic as always, and the taxi drivers are not allowed to curse!
So sometimes it happens that one person runs into another one, the first one is not happy, since he is not allowed to curse he makes a funny face, the second one thinks " i am fasting, i am hungry and this idiot is annoying me" and he finally says "What?", the second one will get upset: " don't let me break my fast because of you", the first one will reply "breaking your fast because of me? you are the one who will make me break my fast" and sooner as you know you have a nice fist fight, tens of curious people standing around and watching....
By the way, this year I decided to fast as well, so be careful what you say to me between 4am and 17:30 ;-)))

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