Ramadan Karim - happy Ramadan

A couple of days after I came back to Cairo, Ramadan started. Ramadan is the holy month in the Muslim religion. Everyone is supposed to work on him/herself, behave better than usual, ban "bad" thoughts, control anger, act in charitable way, etc. Plus every good Muslim is fasting from sun rise to sunset. As people here explained to me, it is ment to teach self discipline, but also let normal people feel how it can be to be poor, not being able to eat or drink when you feel like it.
This month is very special in many perspectives, once per year Egyptians show that they can be punctual if they want ;-): the food is ready on the table when the muezzins are announcing sunset by their singing "Allahu Akbar" from Cairo's minarets. People can be found sleeping at their working place, as they stayed up until 4am to take a last meal before sunrise. The streets are nicely decorated and restaurants are booming at night, taking whole streets and squares with their plastic chairs and tables - For once the police does not say anything and will be happy to join for a meal. A bit everywhere in the city you can find colorful "Ramadan tents", set up by mosques or rich people. Inside you can find long tables and benches, where poor people or anyone, who is in the area and cant make it home in time, are invited to have "Iftar" (breaking fast at sunset). Everything is going very slow but you can also feel the special atmosphere all around.

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