Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak!
No, this has nothing to do with the Egyptian President ;-) It simply means Blessed Feast! Yes, you guessed right, Ramadan is over, we broke the fast for the last time this year and now we'll looking forward to 3 days of celebration. Usually people go and visit family and friends, tables are full of good food and plenty of sweets, the streets are crowded and the children proudly wear the new cloths they received for the feast. Everyone is wishing each other "kul sena wa enta tayib" (may the next year and you be good). People are happy and like to joke: As answer to my "Eid Mubarak" I received an "Eid Merkel"! In 4 days every thing will be back to normal. I'll write to you soon again, bukra inshallah ;-)

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And for you the same! I wish you a happy Eid too!

Écrit par : Mieke | 04/11/2005

Incredible!! My god the only things i can say is that is incredible the atmosphere and the entire pictures I see.. Also quite incredibel you finally managed to realize your dream...
I wish you good luck.... and let's see.. maybe Les Ancients decide to have a meeting there!

Écrit par : Fra | 16/11/2005

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