22 man and a ball - the second

For the football fans anmong you....
As you might remember my first blog entry about Ahly and the African Champions League (if you don't, have a look in the archives on the left side of this blog ;-)), the team won the semi finals during Ramadan. About 1,5 weeks ago, the final took place in Cairo between Ahly and a Tunesian team (sorry, forgot the name). This time I missed the opportunity to go to the stadium, as I took a couple of days of vacation in Dahab. But even 800km from Cairo, you can not escape the 22 men running after a ball! All TVs where set on one programme that night: the final of the African Champions league. The whole day you could see most Egyptians working in Dahab wearing red clothes (the color of Ahly) and at night, the streets were empty, everyone sitting in front of the TVs of cafes or hotels.... After a bit more than 90 minutes, it was clear: Ahly won the African Champions League. - Al Hamdulillah!

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