freezing Cairo

...long time no see, read, write, whatever ;-)
well the weather changed in Cairo it is getting cold, yes COLD! Of corse we still get tourists coming from more northern countries who think they have to run around in T-Shirt, just because they are in Egypt, but I prefer to wear my pullover and a warm jacket... also inside. Why that? Well this is an interesting cultural phenomenon. Most of us "nordics" like it when it is warm, when it is hot, when there is a lot of sun.
Have you ever thought about why? Probably because we don't have it that much in our countries. I remember the second day I was in Cairo, I woke up went to the reception and the man behind the counter told me "today the weather is really bad". I thought "shit, it is raining", then he said "it is very, very hot!" and I smiled.
The perception is just different, bad weather in Germany is not equal to bad weather in Egypt. Where "nordics" will most probably be happy when it is hot and most of us will be able to do without air conditionning - it might be nice to have it, but not necessary. Well this is exactly what Egyptians think about heating!!! Yes, you heard right... public buildings are rarely heated, our hotel has no heating in the publlic areas (also not in the internet cafe from where I am writing this blog entry), there are heaters in some of the rooms, but by far not in all and people are just happy to so it in freezing cold rooms with their jackets on!
So now, you understand why I am equipped like an Esquimo also INSIDE.
Nice winter to you all, and may the heater be with you ;-)

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