how STUPID can you be ??? - part 2

well, well, well, after thinking that this interview showed a climax of stupiditiy, I was proven that it was possible to go beyond this...
This same person came back 2 days later, asking when he could start working. He obviously thought that he would be successful. He met Ahmed, the owner (who had heard the whole story from me before) and Ahmed confronted him with what had happened and the guy actually dared to deny everything!
Ahmed having his "own ways" sometimes, went to the office, where i was working, bringing along the guy and asked me to repeat again what happened. It was not the most comfortable situation ever but anyway. Sudently, incredible!!!, the guy started shouting at me: "me?, me?, I said that? me?"
Now this was the end of my patience and the end of feeling uncomfortable, sheer fury rushed through my brain. I turned around, looked into his eyes and snapped: "YES". If Ahmed had not taken him to put him out, I would have launched a lavine of insults (and all of you know how peaceful I usually am). How SUPID can you be??? For the German speakers: "ungemein unverschaemt" is a better expression!

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