how STUPID can you be ??? - part 2

well, well, well, after thinking that this interview showed a climax of stupiditiy, I was proven that it was possible to go beyond this...
This same person came back 2 days later, asking when he could start working. He obviously thought that he would be successful. He met Ahmed, the owner (who had heard the whole story from me before) and Ahmed confronted him with what had happened and the guy actually dared to deny everything!
Ahmed having his "own ways" sometimes, went to the office, where i was working, bringing along the guy and asked me to repeat again what happened. It was not the most comfortable situation ever but anyway. Sudently, incredible!!!, the guy started shouting at me: "me?, me?, I said that? me?"
Now this was the end of my patience and the end of feeling uncomfortable, sheer fury rushed through my brain. I turned around, looked into his eyes and snapped: "YES". If Ahmed had not taken him to put him out, I would have launched a lavine of insults (and all of you know how peaceful I usually am). How SUPID can you be??? For the German speakers: "ungemein unverschaemt" is a better expression!

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how stupid can you be?

Our hotel is looking for new receptionists and a manager, so an add was placed in the newspaper and one of my tasks last week was to interview the potential candidates. This can be quite tiering, but sometimes you get ot get some fun with ex-military colonels who simply refuse to answer any question because a younger western woman dares to interview them, young men telling you "If I had weak points, you don't think I would tell them to you, do you?", a girl bringing along her little brother, who's main interest was to find out if  I was a moslem or a christian and therefore he asked his hister this question about 20 times until she could not pretend to ignore it anymore and answers in a very polite way "you know that westeners usually are christians"... and some times you also get very stupid people: The last person I interviewd was a young men, his CV said he worked in a 5stars hotel in Hurghada before (you also have to know that many Egyptian CVs are not always completely true, let's say and you rarely get exact dates of employments nor recomendation letters)... anyway, I start asking my usual questions and suddently he starts to ask me questions like "are you married?, do you have a boy friend?, which is your room number? (!!! yes he did ask that), can I be your friend?" and finished with "Can I have your phone number?" I stayed very polite the whole time, and still answered politely "no, I am not giving out my phone number?" the guy:"why? I am a good person!" me (slightly more irritated): "this is what everyone says". I ,still politely, made him understand that the interview was over and he left..... how stupid can you be???

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short trip to Dahab

As you could read in my last blog entry, I left cold and crowded Cairo for 4 days, to have a quick vacation in Dahab. It was lovely as always.... should you just want to relax, be in the sun look at the sea, snorkel or just read a book in peace - this is the place to be :)



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22 man and a ball - the second

For the football fans anmong you....
As you might remember my first blog entry about Ahly and the African Champions League (if you don't, have a look in the archives on the left side of this blog ;-)), the team won the semi finals during Ramadan. About 1,5 weeks ago, the final took place in Cairo between Ahly and a Tunesian team (sorry, forgot the name). This time I missed the opportunity to go to the stadium, as I took a couple of days of vacation in Dahab. But even 800km from Cairo, you can not escape the 22 men running after a ball! All TVs where set on one programme that night: the final of the African Champions league. The whole day you could see most Egyptians working in Dahab wearing red clothes (the color of Ahly) and at night, the streets were empty, everyone sitting in front of the TVs of cafes or hotels.... After a bit more than 90 minutes, it was clear: Ahly won the African Champions League. - Al Hamdulillah!

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freezing Cairo

...long time no see, read, write, whatever ;-)
well the weather changed in Cairo it is getting cold, yes COLD! Of corse we still get tourists coming from more northern countries who think they have to run around in T-Shirt, just because they are in Egypt, but I prefer to wear my pullover and a warm jacket... also inside. Why that? Well this is an interesting cultural phenomenon. Most of us "nordics" like it when it is warm, when it is hot, when there is a lot of sun.
Have you ever thought about why? Probably because we don't have it that much in our countries. I remember the second day I was in Cairo, I woke up went to the reception and the man behind the counter told me "today the weather is really bad". I thought "shit, it is raining", then he said "it is very, very hot!" and I smiled.
The perception is just different, bad weather in Germany is not equal to bad weather in Egypt. Where "nordics" will most probably be happy when it is hot and most of us will be able to do without air conditionning - it might be nice to have it, but not necessary. Well this is exactly what Egyptians think about heating!!! Yes, you heard right... public buildings are rarely heated, our hotel has no heating in the publlic areas (also not in the internet cafe from where I am writing this blog entry), there are heaters in some of the rooms, but by far not in all and people are just happy to so it in freezing cold rooms with their jackets on!
So now, you understand why I am equipped like an Esquimo also INSIDE.
Nice winter to you all, and may the heater be with you ;-)

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Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak!
No, this has nothing to do with the Egyptian President ;-) It simply means Blessed Feast! Yes, you guessed right, Ramadan is over, we broke the fast for the last time this year and now we'll looking forward to 3 days of celebration. Usually people go and visit family and friends, tables are full of good food and plenty of sweets, the streets are crowded and the children proudly wear the new cloths they received for the feast. Everyone is wishing each other "kul sena wa enta tayib" (may the next year and you be good). People are happy and like to joke: As answer to my "Eid Mubarak" I received an "Eid Merkel"! In 4 days every thing will be back to normal. I'll write to you soon again, bukra inshallah ;-)

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