Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!

On the 13th of December Jimmy turned 30 - no way I could miss this! Luckily I was already in Sharm, so it was only a 1hour bus ride to Dahab.
Many of his friends were there to celebrate, also his oldest brother Nasser came from Cairo. A sheep was slaughtered for the occasion, feeding everyone, including some of the Bishbishi guests. After that, some music, dancing, cake, music and dancing again... at one point one of his friends came with a horse performing some difficult steps, another one brought his guitarre, playing and singing Egyptian Blues, as he called it. Later the party was moved to the beach, were the guys had fun throwing people in the air and catching them again (I managed to escape this "little game", not so Eren from Australia, to the great enjoyment of the male spectators, her T-shirt went up all the way over her head while flying up). The night ended in Tota's, the local club. We did not stay that long though, just dropped off the bunch of party people and returned for well earned rest ;-)
Kul sena wa enta tajib, habibi! May the next three decades be full of joy and success!

Late note by the author 12.2008:

After what has happened in the last 2,5 years I am taking back the last 2 sentences. I could say much, but I will keep it short: Jimmy, may you have the life you deserve! and to make it clear, that does not mean "good".

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