Nat in Sharm el Sheikh

Well after several postponings from our boss we (my friend Sarah, who is jounalist, my boss, another sales guy and me) finally travelled to Sharm el Sheikh. It was my first time in this tourist resort. And indeed it is a resort, a city consisting of hundrets of hotels, mainly fancy. It is a nice place if you are not looking for any cultural activities, just hang out and spend money. All prices triple or worse compared to Cairo. One hour internet cost me 10 Pounds compared to 3 Pounds in Cairo. And these 10 Pounds were already "local tarif" as explained the internet cafe owner (sometimes it is good to speak a little arabic, so he thought I was one of the many foreigners working in the 5 or 4 stars hotels in Sharm), "if you were a normal tourist, i would charge you 25 Pounds".
One nice thing of this trip though, was our room in the Sheraton.... nice gardens, nice pool and nice breakfast buffet ;-)
Oh, and of course we got to meet up with Barbara again, who is now working in Sharm.... of course we sat in a Beduin cafe with Beduin people bringing us sheesha, to Barbara's full satisfaction (because of the beuins not because of the Sheesha ;-))

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