helpful Paris people!

Still Christmas holidays... going and coming back from Christmas celebration in the French country side, I had to go through Paris, meaning, taking the metro and even changing at "Republique"... those who know me, probably already realise what my problem was: my tendency to take with me huge suitcases and backpacks... ups, I did it again! The stupid suitcase being so heavy that I could not lift it 10cm, I was wondering how I was supposed to carry it up and down the hundrets of steps in the Republique station in order to get my connecting metro. Well guess what, I din't... very friendly men (4 in total) did not even ask if they could help me, seeing me, my suitcase and the steps, they just grabbed the suitcase carrying it up/down until we reached flat grounds again where I could make it roll. Thanks Dear Paris People (btw. only one of the 4 was of French, French origin). I wonder if it would have been that easy in another capital. Merci :)

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