how to travel with a passport

This time, going to Europe, I made sure I had my passport with me, I dont think miming the sleeping "wife or something" would get me through airport pass controls. ... and even with my passport and brand new visa I had problems getting on the plane to Amsterdam. I handed my passport to the Egyptian officer, who is supposed to stamp it and give it back to me with a nice smile. Not this time! He said: "You have to show me YOUR passport". "this is MY passport". 2nd look on my picture: "this is not you", "of course it is me, do you want to see my ID?" I take out my ID (same picture), he scans my passport and my ID, looks at me again:"that's not you, it is impossible", I lift my glasses, so he can better see my face, give a big smile and am convinced i can go now. No! The officer shows my passport and my ID to his colleague and says in arabic "look at her, do you really think it is her?", I start taking out my international drivers licence, my credit cards, even my old AEGEE card..., the officer gives in "ok, ok, ... but you were FAT!"
Well, I took this as a compliment, gathered all cards and went to the gate.

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