stormy welcome

On the 3rd of January, I returned to Egypt, against my habits, I even had a direct flight (Bremen-Sharm El Sheikh). For those who dont know, Dahab (close to Sharm El Sheikh) is situated in South Sinai, meaning that it is quite nice and warm there all year long. Well since I arrived we had massive rain (real "Bremer Schmuddelwetter"), grey sky and a pretty big storm. Let's start with the rain... it had not rained here for the last 3 years. Naturally the buildings are not necessarily made to resist heavy rain... you'll find loosly hammered wooden roofs and even palm trees going through rooms, openair kitchens, etc. So you can imagine how these rooms looked like once the rain came through the roof and ran along the palm tree trunks - FLOOD!
The big dark rain cloud did not move for three days which ment pure chaos, flooded rooms, wet beds and kitchen equipment, electricity cut, etc.
Yesterday the weather calmed down and I went to bed looking forward to a good sleep. About 3am a storm broke lose, making the window in the sleeping room bang open, wind soughing, palm trees all around the house bending, door and other windows giving cracking sounds, dogs barking.... scarry! After a little panic attack remembering the tornado times in Kentucky, where we had to go downstairs in the middle of the night taking our valuables, hoping that the tornado would not sweep our roof off, I then took my blanket and moved to the living room... did not really make me feel safer though, in the end the tieredness won and I fell asleep ...
Let's see what will happen tomorrow.... is there an earthquake risk in South Sinai?

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