everything is open again

For a while I thought that I chose the wrong name for my blog "nat in Cairo", as I moved away from the Egyptian capital. Last week, due to some unfortunate circomstances I left Dahab again and thought I would have to announce the death of this blog, since I was then planning to go back to Germany.... now it looks very much like I will settle down in Sharm El Sheikh, at least for a couple months.... nothing sure yet, so stay tuned ;-)

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second visit

Al hamdulillah, I have friends ;-) After Aliki last summer, a second friend made it to come to visit me (of course Balyno and Saltanat dropped by as well but not specially for me ;-)) Karina, now living in Cairo, came for 4 days to Dahab to relax before her language course starts... once again AEGEE people moving ;-) What about the rest of you... still hesitating? Sun, sea, palm trees, ancient civilisation, snorkeling, diving, pyramids, camals.... what are you waiting for? Book your flight ticket NOW ;-)

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Eid Said!

 Yes, yes, again.... Eid Said! No it is not end of Ramadan again, but another big religious feast, where the tradition is to slaughter a sheep or a cow, if one can affoard it, and distribute the meat to the poor neighbours. This tradition comes from the story in the Coran (similar in the Bible as well), where God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son as proof of his faith, but the story has a happy ending as in the last minute the son is replaced by a sheep.

Happy feast to all Moslems and the ones having the chance to celebrate along ;-)

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it is there!

Yes, it is there.... I discovered it this morning in the mirror..... one of the sort that noone really wants to have but eventually everyone will get, and not just one.....many!
yeah, it is there.... my first grey hair and actually it is not that horrible, but rather cool ;-)

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the good thing....

The good thing about writing to all of your friends, is that some of them write back! Thanks to all of you who wrote and all of you who will write ;-)

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Moved from Cairo to Dahab

Hello everyone,
I almost forgot to tell you that I temporarly moved from Cairo to Dahab. I am looking for a new job, probably in Sharm el Sheikh. My mobile number stays the same, email as well ;-) Should you want to send me a snail mail, send me an email and I'll send you my address here (wont publish it on the internet)

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stormy welcome

On the 3rd of January, I returned to Egypt, against my habits, I even had a direct flight (Bremen-Sharm El Sheikh). For those who dont know, Dahab (close to Sharm El Sheikh) is situated in South Sinai, meaning that it is quite nice and warm there all year long. Well since I arrived we had massive rain (real "Bremer Schmuddelwetter"), grey sky and a pretty big storm. Let's start with the rain... it had not rained here for the last 3 years. Naturally the buildings are not necessarily made to resist heavy rain... you'll find loosly hammered wooden roofs and even palm trees going through rooms, openair kitchens, etc. So you can imagine how these rooms looked like once the rain came through the roof and ran along the palm tree trunks - FLOOD!
The big dark rain cloud did not move for three days which ment pure chaos, flooded rooms, wet beds and kitchen equipment, electricity cut, etc.
Yesterday the weather calmed down and I went to bed looking forward to a good sleep. About 3am a storm broke lose, making the window in the sleeping room bang open, wind soughing, palm trees all around the house bending, door and other windows giving cracking sounds, dogs barking.... scarry! After a little panic attack remembering the tornado times in Kentucky, where we had to go downstairs in the middle of the night taking our valuables, hoping that the tornado would not sweep our roof off, I then took my blanket and moved to the living room... did not really make me feel safer though, in the end the tieredness won and I fell asleep ...
Let's see what will happen tomorrow.... is there an earthquake risk in South Sinai?

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getting to know foreign cultures ;-)

Yes, I like to travel! Especially when you get to know different people and cultures. Taking a bus from Amsterdam to Paris does not have so much potential in this perspective, but this december i got lucky. I was sitting next to a very nice Pakistani studying in Breda and going to visit his friends in Paris, but the highlight of the trip was the japanese guy across the isle, opening a can that looked a bit like a trendy party drink and starting to noisily slurp what turned out to be a canned Japanese noodle soup. Even more interesting was the flabbergasted look on his German neibour's face. long live the cultural differences :)

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helpful Paris people!

Still Christmas holidays... going and coming back from Christmas celebration in the French country side, I had to go through Paris, meaning, taking the metro and even changing at "Republique"... those who know me, probably already realise what my problem was: my tendency to take with me huge suitcases and backpacks... ups, I did it again! The stupid suitcase being so heavy that I could not lift it 10cm, I was wondering how I was supposed to carry it up and down the hundrets of steps in the Republique station in order to get my connecting metro. Well guess what, I din't... very friendly men (4 in total) did not even ask if they could help me, seeing me, my suitcase and the steps, they just grabbed the suitcase carrying it up/down until we reached flat grounds again where I could make it roll. Thanks Dear Paris People (btw. only one of the 4 was of French, French origin). I wonder if it would have been that easy in another capital. Merci :)

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Euro, I sincerely like you!

Travelling back to Europe, I realised once again how great the common currency is. I flew into Amsterdam, used the Euros I had still left from my last visit to Germany to buy my ticket to France, bought a chocolate bar on the way at a Belgium petrol station, still in Euro :) Bought a train ticket from Paris to Troyes, went back to Germany, with stopover in Brussels.... Euro, Euro, Euro....

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how to travel with a passport

This time, going to Europe, I made sure I had my passport with me, I dont think miming the sleeping "wife or something" would get me through airport pass controls. ... and even with my passport and brand new visa I had problems getting on the plane to Amsterdam. I handed my passport to the Egyptian officer, who is supposed to stamp it and give it back to me with a nice smile. Not this time! He said: "You have to show me YOUR passport". "this is MY passport". 2nd look on my picture: "this is not you", "of course it is me, do you want to see my ID?" I take out my ID (same picture), he scans my passport and my ID, looks at me again:"that's not you, it is impossible", I lift my glasses, so he can better see my face, give a big smile and am convinced i can go now. No! The officer shows my passport and my ID to his colleague and says in arabic "look at her, do you really think it is her?", I start taking out my international drivers licence, my credit cards, even my old AEGEE card..., the officer gives in "ok, ok, ... but you were FAT!"
Well, I took this as a compliment, gathered all cards and went to the gate.

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Happy New Year!!!!

Before I write down all the things that happened since the last time I wrote on this blog, let me wish you all a happy New Year! May 2006 be full of joy, happiness and success :)))

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