Hoppa-e hoppa-a inshallah haneksab!

… or in other words hoppa-e hoppa-a God willing, we will win. This is only one of the cheers, which the Egyptians will sing in the stadium today for the semi finals against Senegal. They can be very creative and spontaneous, coming up with new texts, which the whole stadium will join in a chorus. There are different cheers for almost every player of the Egyptian team. Here not the whole stadium will join, though. Most of the Egyptian team is composed of Ahly and Zamalek players (the 2 strongest teams in Egypt.) Their supporters hate eachother and would never cheer for a player of the opposite team, even though they are playing together in the national team.

The only solid things men are allowed to take into the stadium are drums. All kind of drums, heating up the atmosphere with their rythms, next to the colourful view of waving flags and cheering people. I have to watch the game on TV this time… all tickets were sold out within the first hour they were on sale… the black market is florishing and tickets are sold 10 times their initial price. … hoppa-e hoppa-a inshallah haneksab!



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