Oleee, olee, olee, oleee

Yes again 22 men and a ball are involved. Cairo has been hosting the African Cup of Nations for the last 2,5 weeks. The opening was very nice, colorful and surprisingly well organised. The reason for this is probrably that in contrary to olympic games, where volunteers take part in the opening, here in Egypt it is the military. So we got into the delight of seeing thousands of soldiers dressed up as pharaos, scarabs (sacred beetles during pharaos’ times), sun Gods, or carrying 3 meter high obelisks made out of carton, all executing well prepared coreographies to epic music. Highlights were huge fireworks and parachuters landing inside of the stadion, each one carrying the flag of a participating country. President Hosni Mubarak was also present, holding a little piece of paper in his hand, from which he read in Arabic: “By the name of God, I declare open the African Cup of Nations 2006”.


Here a picture from the opening ceremony:


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