Red, white, black and a golden eagle in the middle

The picture is quite amazing… usually you see half of the stadium filled with supporters from one team and the other half with supporters from the other team. Well, not here! The whole stadium is filled with Egyptians, dressed in red, white an black, many have their face painted in the same colors, some are wearing hats or scarfs and almost everyone is waving a flag with the national colors. There are quite a number of women who also attend the games, either with their husband or in a group of friends. Those wearing head scarfs usally chose for a combination of red, white and black, of course. “La Hola” works very well and usually makes 4 to 5 rounds around the stadium, as supporters of the other teams take up so little space in the stadium, that by not standing they wont stop the wave. No wonder that with this support Egypt went far… first match against Lybia 3:0, against Morocco 0:0, against Cote d’Ivoire 3:1, then the quarter finals against Congo 4:1. The situation turned to the absurd when two teams were playing right before the game Egypt against Morocco and the stadion was already filled with Egyptian supporters waiting for the next game, cheering for…none of the teams playing but screaming loudly “Masr, Masr, Masr” (Egypt, Egypt, Egypt)


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