Women: Easy to take things in, but difficult to let other things out

Out of fear of violent outbreaks, no solid objects are alowed to enter the stadium, not even plastic water bottles unless….. they are carried by a woman! Men are carefully searched before entering and all solid things, like lighters, bottles etc. have to be left outside of the gates. As there is no female security, women can walk through without even having their hand bag searched. Therefore you often see whole family picknicks in the stadium, juice and water, bread, bananas, oranges, the lighter for the husband’s cigarettes and even the perfume bottle for refreshment went through in Madame’s bag.The story goes that when the FIFA representatives came to inspect the newly renovated stadion, one of them asked to see the women’s toilets… puzzled faces from the side of the Egyptians were the answer, what would you need women’s toilets for? And indeed now there are men toilets every 20 meters inside of the stadion, women have to get out of the stadion and enter the little toilet houses built in time before the beginning of the Africa Cup.



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