Snow in Cairo!

Did I say snow? Well, not really, but I actually thought so for a moment, this morning .... the sky is white and also everything outside has a much lighter color than usual.

It took me a little bit to understand.... not snow (anyway impossible with almost 20 degrees outside), but sand! Yes, we again have a sandstorm and the powder fine desert sand is all over the place, there is no surface also in the appartment (no use of closing the windows and doors, this fine dust gets in everywhere) that is not covered by the light beige dust ... the trees, the cars the street, even my laptop that was stored in its bag in a closet .... you can not see further than a few meters ahead, and everything outside traded in its color agains the same light beige...

Sand storm, .... sounds exciting.... but let me tell you, my lungs are not that happy about it.... going outside means constantly inhaling the amount of dust you would breathe in, if you were stuck under your bed, which you haven't mopped under for the last 3 years.

Wish you all clean lungs and a colorful world around you ;-)

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