Have you ever tried to drink a war prisoner?

Well, now that we had a laugh about Egyptian pronounciation of certain English words, I have to be fair and tell you about my difficulties with the Egyptian language.... the best example would be the shoes, sorry juice! yes I also had a lot of problems with this word in arabic: "assir". Here the "a" is pronounced deeper in the throat than the German "a". In the beginning I did not pay that much attention to this, as I thought, minor detail and ordered self confident an "assir burtuan". This created the opportunitiy for my Egyptian friends to burst out laughing.... this, for me still tiny, difference of pronouncing the "a" caused me not to order an orange juice as intended, but an orange war prisoner :-s

Another, for me almost not audible, difference in pronounciation is the doubling of certain consonants. Again tiny for my ear, but of HUGE importance in sense. Very easily a pigeon ("hamam") can become a toilet/bathroom ("hammam"), which can cause a lot of confusion when you are in a restaurant and try to order the Egyptian delicacy.

Bon apetit ;-)

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