Would you like to have some shoes with your burger?

Today I thought I would try the Egyptian version of burger and fries. So I went to the local fastfood restaurant which is specialized in kebab, shawarma, koshary, foul and falafel sandwiches... timidly I asked for a hamburger... "beef burger?" was the answer. Yes, I forgot that these things have a slightly different name here, just to make sure that there is no ham, e.g. pork meat involved. Yes, a beef burger and some fries? the cashier nodded. So far so good!

Then he asked me, though: Would you like to have some shoes? I start laughing, thinking it is one of the Egyptian jokes (which I, I have to admit, still not always understand). The man looks a bit puzzeled and repeats with a very serious face: "shoes?", now i am the one looking puzzeled "shoes????" "yes shoes" the man starts waving his hands obviously trying to find another way to tell me what he is suggesting me to order.

At this moment his colleague comes to help: "yes shoes, you want shoes?" My eyebrows rise, my forehead rinkles..... but I still dont understand.

Then the man's face looks more concentrated and out of his mouth comes a "Dshoes?" ... I start smiling.... "juice?, no thanks, no juice".

For one moment I had forgotten that it is extremly difficult for Egyptians to pronounce two consonants one after another, so they either leave one out or they put a vowel in between the two consonants, so we have nice things like sequare, belastic (note the "p" does not exist in arabic and is often replaced by a more convenient "b"), belease, ice caream, felight, shoke, shanuary, etc.... and of course shoes, which is liquid and served in a glas ;-)

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