After HOT we got WET.... beginning of this week heavy rain fell in Cairo for about 40 minutes.... enough to plunge the city into chaos.Big rain drops coming from the grey sky, just like "nice november rain in Bremen". When you live in Bremen you are used to it, but when you live in Cairo it is quite strange. The canalisation here, not built for any rain whatsoever, seemed to find it "strange" too and simply refused to take in the water that had came down. This resulted in 3 days lasting, ankle high puddles a bit everywhere in town.In addition to that, streets are as slippery as if they were covered with ice. Oh yes, Cairo dust, plus the remains of the sandstorm mixed with rain is the perfect recipe for lovely, slimey, slippery mud. I bet you could do some nice cross country skiing here.If you remember my little report from the storm in Dahab, I was saying that buildings there were not built for rain.... well turns out that buildings in Cairo are not either. Ok, the walls don't crack, but you can find funny contructions where there is no ceiling above the staircases. Which means the water runs down the walls, infilters in the ceiling and then...PENG.... the Gypsum moldings come down.So should you be in Cairo during a rainy day, don't forget the skis and the umbrella for outside and the helmet for inside ;-)PS. While writing these few lines, it started raining again. So I am looking forward to some more good fun!

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