Happy Birthday to me....

To the occasion of my birthday, I took 3 days off work.... pure relaxation, nice present to myself ;-)

Even the French President Jaques Chirac was so thoughtful to organise a huge birthday party for me..... well, ahemmm, reality is slightly different: ...As Jaques and Bernadette Chirac happened to be in Cairo on my birthday, I had the pleasure to be invited to a reception for all French citizens living in Cairo. It was held in the Intercontinental Heliopolis. The President spoke for 15 minutes and then took almost an hour to walk through the crowd, shake hands and talk to his citizens. About as exiting to see Jaques Chirac in close up, was the site and taste of the excuisite finger food served ;-) And yes, unexpected in Egypt, I also got to have some Champagne on my birthday! merci Jaques et Bernadette ;-)))

In the afternoon followed a more traditional but nevertheless lovely celebration with cake and tea, organised by Ahmed and New Palace Family.... Merci!

Later at night, my Belgian friend Sarah organised another celebration for me, starting in Zamalek and ending in the Club of the Nile Hilton, where else? ;-)

Again, thanks to all those who made me forget that i am approaching the 30es and let me enjoy this day by celebrating with me, sending me messages and calling me!


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