Life goes on

On the 25th already, most of the traces of the attacks in Dahab were cleaned up, the bridge repaired and the windows replaced. Some tourists left, but the big majority decided to stay and support the people there.

Peaceful demonstrations were organised, where workers and owners from Dahab marched together with tourists to condam the attacks and demonstrate for peace. The media liked the idea, so Jimmy & Friends could be seen on CNN, BBC World and ARD.

Another demonstration followed last friday. Apart from that, everyone in Dahab is working hard to let the tourists spend the rest of their vacation in the most enoyable and peaceful way as possible!

My friend Sarah went back to Dahab this week end again, not only to enjoy the place but also to make a stand: Don't be afraid, continue to go to Dahab and support the people living and working there! .... and i fully support this idea! :)

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