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Why are you staying so long in Egypt? This is the question most of the people I meet here ask me. My answer: I find it fascinating.... even after 1,5 years I still discover new things, I don't have the impression I know all about the culture nor do I understand everything. Almost everyday I can find something that still surprises me, small scenes from everyday life, things I would never see back home, ways of working, speaking, handeling things.... and as long as there are surprises, it stays interesting. And then, I usually give a big smile  ;-))

I would like to share some of these things with you, like the art of taking a taxi, funny stories of Egyptian Banks, annoyances with the male population, pictures of 3 little boys pulling and pushing a kart 5 times bigger than them, carrying a huge pile of about 150 shoe boxes, or the big setting sun right behind the statue of Talaat Harb, fitting right inbetween the rows of buildings on Mahmoud Bassiony street.... all these small and big wonders I am seeing every day and which make my life in Egypt fascinating....

.... so stay tuned :)



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