engagement party - the second

love is in the air, anywhere you look around, dadam, dadam.... It is true! At the moment, everyone around me is getting engaged, married or pregnant and as it looks like I am not getting any of these three in the near future, at least I get to share the joy of my dear friends.Last friday I was invited to another engagement party. This time it was the turn of Jeny and Ahmed (more widely known as Metallica), my former colleague from the New Palace.As Jeny is Australian, the party was not 100% Egyptian. At least from her side, the puffy, glittery, pinky dress stayed unbought in the store and was replaced by a summer dress, barely covering the knees - A'eeeb! (expression used for something "immoral") ;-)For the rest, the party was quiet Egyptian.... arabic music coming from huge, HUGE boxes, way too big in proportion to the roof garden, where the party was held, happy crowed of family and friends, loooooong photo sessions (couple with parents, couple with friends, couple with cousins, couple with brothers and sisters, couple with colleagues, couples with only female friends, couple with only male friends, etc. etc., etc.....)Jeny had made clear from the beginning, that she would refuse to dance and would stand all pressure coming from any side, so she had the privelege of staying seated, watching her fiance having to dance with friends, family, dancing alone in a cercle of clapping people and in the end beeing thrown 2 meters in the air a couple of times. For the rest, the Egyptian men proved again that they were the better and bolder dancers, performing belly dancing of the finest. For us westerners it is still surprising to see men twisting body and shaking butt and belly to arabic rythms, but absolutely normal over here.In the end everyone congratulates the couple and as I am still neither engaged nor married (a fact that many Egyptians can not understand, especially as i am already "soooooo old" - about 6 years older than the average age of marriage here)some of the guests wished me the traditional "Aabalik" (may you marry soon as well)to this occasion. I asked what I have to answer to these well ment wishes. "Inshallah" (God willing), of course, I should have known! ;-)Leaves me to wish you, my dear unmarried friends, Aabalku! May you all marry soon :)

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