Summer time in Cairo…

While snow has been falling in some regions in Germany, summer time in Cairo makes everything go slower…. The temperature goes up to very humid 38/40 degrees C, sweat is pearling on your forehead just from moving your fingers on the computer, the policemen traded in their black winter uniform with their white summer one, giving the impression Cairo is a giant cruise ship and plenty of smartly dressed captains wave the cars through traffic…. Looooove boooaaat, dadadiiiidadum…..

Now, I could probably find the excuse for not writing for so long in the heat, but I will be honest (and maybe make some of you jealous, hehe ;-)) I treated myself this year and took a 3 month membership in the Marriott: 24 hrs access to swimming pool (47m long, don’t ask me why they did not put the extra 3), Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam, etc. The employees greet you by name, you take, use and dispose as many towels as you want, shampoo, shower gel and body lotion come in neatly arranged little bottles and there is always someone to readjust your parasol in case you are fearing to break out in sweat by doing it yourself….yes it is decadent, but I like it ;-)

As soon as I have a little bit of free time (and actually I have plenty as we are in low season for tourism) I hop into the pool, very convenient as well, the Marriott is only 15 min away from work, so in case there is something to do, I jump into a taxi and am there before the guests even checked in.

So, when it comes to the choice: sitting in front of the computer to update my blog and going swimming, I don’t have to think long ;-)

But don’t worry, from time to time I will bare the heat a bit longer and write you some news from Cairo

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