Peaceful Friday mornings

I love Friday mornings in Cairo, the streets are completely empty, no cars, no honking, no street sellers, nothing!

For these couple of hours I could almost get the impression I am back in Neuenkirchen (the little town I grew up in)….

On Fridays I fully enjoy walking to my work. On week days I sometimes prefer to take a taxi for the 1km distance, just to avoid all these cars, smog, people, noise…., but not on Fridays! It is a real pleasure to walk through peaceful and sleeping Cairo, breathe the fresh air and appreciate to see things in a distance which are usually covered by the sight of tons of rusty steel in form of cars, taxis and buses.


As Friday is the only holiday per week in Egypt, most of the people use the opportunity to sleep in until noon, then the obligatory Friday prayer at the mosque (here again we see the cultural difference, where in the western world people get up early to gather in the church on Sunday morning, the Middle Eastern culture goes for noon prayer) and after this, life starts to go on as normal, some shops open again and those people who don’t have to work enjoy a walk in the streets of Cairo, eating ice cream, going to the cinema or just having a look at the colorful shops on downtown’s main streets.


Peaceful Friday to you all!!!

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