Dahab forever.... or at least for the next 5 years!

Hello all of you,

yes, I have not written for long and no, I have not been spending my time being lazy at the swimming pool of the Marriott. In contrary, I have been quite busy, and this time, I have good and bad news.

The bad one is that now, the name of my blog will be not adequate anymore... Nat in Cairo will be history. I should have been a bit more foreseeing and flexible when I gave a name to my blog, Nat in Egypt would have been better. Malesh, now it is too late. ;-) The good news are, I finally realised my dream of having my own business and working for noone but myself :)

In September I will be moving to Dahab to take care of my hotel, the Sphinx, directly at the waterfront.

More good news, I will not be alone, I am having my two partners Jimmy and Allan working with me in a quite international team... if we take Terumi, Allan's wife along, we manage to have 5 nationalities (German, French, Egyptian, Danish, Brazilian) from 3 continents within 4 people. This will make the difference in managing the place compared to our many Egyptian steered competitors. And should you like to help us in our success, come and stay with us, just book your next vacation in the Sphinx Hotel in Dahab ;-)

For those of you who are missing my tales about Egyptian life.... no worries, I collected plenty of notes which just need to be formulated into nice little stories once I've got a bit more free time.

Until then, enjoy your summer!




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