Rudolph the rednosed reindeer....or at least half of it

... as you could read before, Christmas in Dahab is not exactly what you and I are used to from home (unless you live in Australia - weather wise you know what I am talking about)

In the evening it gets “pullover-cold” and it is nice to sit at the open fires that warm up the open door restaurant In the morning though, the sun is still shining hard.

As my office is situated in the roofed part of the hotel's inner court, I still kind of sit in an open space and the sun shines in on my right side, causing my right arm to be already about 2 to 3 tones darker than the right one.

And yesterday it happened! Next to my only on the right side existing freckles, I managed to get a sunburn on and only on the right side of my nose - half a Rudolph so to say ;-)

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