Rudolph the rednosed reindeer....or at least half of it

... as you could read before, Christmas in Dahab is not exactly what you and I are used to from home (unless you live in Australia - weather wise you know what I am talking about)

In the evening it gets “pullover-cold” and it is nice to sit at the open fires that warm up the open door restaurant In the morning though, the sun is still shining hard.

As my office is situated in the roofed part of the hotel's inner court, I still kind of sit in an open space and the sun shines in on my right side, causing my right arm to be already about 2 to 3 tones darker than the right one.

And yesterday it happened! Next to my only on the right side existing freckles, I managed to get a sunburn on and only on the right side of my nose - half a Rudolph so to say ;-)

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Wonderful Christmas time...

Well, last time I wrote on this blog, I wished you a good summer... summer is over, fall too.... now we are already in winter....

Winter, the time of snow, walks in the cold clear air, chimeny fires, cinnamon cookies and hot wine, you can almost hear the angles sing Christmas Carols...

Bzzzzzz, STOP! Wrong picture!

This year I am spending winter, Christmas and new years in Dahab. This means palm trees, red sea and temperatures of 18-25 degrees Celsius. Moreover, Egypt, having a 90% Muslim population, you can imagine that it is slightly more difficult to get into the Christmas Spirit here.

I used my last trip to Cairo to have a shopping orgy in Carrefour (a big French super market chain), where I bought plenty of kitschy Christmas decoration - in a place where Christmas is almost non existent, it can not get kitschy enough ;-)

Mission accomplished: I decorated the reception, our internet cafe as well as my desk and yes, with all the red and golden balls, ribbons and bells, I slowly feel like Christmas.

Some of our employees loved the idea and were happy about the colorful decoration, the receptionist even "stole"  some of my office decoration to put it at the reception... and others don't seem to get the point of this all. Doubtfully shaking his head, one of them said "it looks like you are celebrating a wedding or a birthday" - Well, actually, if you think about it, this is exactly what we are doing: Happy Birthday Jesus ;-)

Buying decoration was not enough though... making it yourself is even more fun... turning up the loudspeakers while listening to Christmas songs, I spent the whole day making signs, which I hang all over the hotel… snow flakes, snow men –(where does this obsession with snow come from??? ;-)), Santas, Christmas trees and mistletoes - By the way, where is the man who would like to stand with me underneath it? Sorry, (for a short time I forgot that I am in Egypt) I correct the sentence: where is the man I would like to stand  underneath it with?

Maybe this is what I should ask Santa for this year ;-)

Wishing you all a merry Christmas!!!


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