Good old Europe

In June, I decided I was fit enough to travel and accompanied with my pink Barbie ring, I made my annual trip to Europe. This time I managed to visit 4 countries in 5 weeks, which is 2 countries less than last year, but still I did not get bored and enjoyed all the time spent with my family and friends.

It was great fun to meet my dear Anciens again in Sarajevo, reviving good old AEGEE stories and I am particularly looking forward to welcome this crazy bunch here in Cairo next year.

Another event I could not have missed was our 10 years highschool graduation anniversary. Big thanks to Merle who organised everything along her 30th birthday. It was so good to meet so many former classmates and childhood friends, catching up with everybody, having interesting discussions and spending a lovely time. I truely enjoyed!

I have been back in Cairo now for the last 3 weeks, mainly busy looking for a job and already collection new stories for this blog ;-) so stay tuned...

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