Moving in Cairo II

So again, I had to find a new place to stay... after a while I found a lovely apartment in Zamalek, the green island in the heart of Cairo, which I would share with a Greek girl. My moving was planned for the weekend and because my future flatmate was going to be out of town, I picked up the double of the key she just got made for me on thursday.

Saturday all my boxes, bags and suitcases, filling up a whole minibus, that I just had moved a month earlier from Dahab were ready to be moved again. A friend was nice enough to organise 4 guys and a pick-up truck who would take care of moving everything.

The first problem happened when we arrived at my new builing and the porter refused to let any of my boxes or bags enter the elevator. "The guys can carry it up the stairs". Well, considering that there was a truck load to be carried and that the flat is on the 24th !!! floor, the porter had to be convinced with some bakshhesh to let us use the elevator in the end. After X elevator loads most of my stuff was on the 24th floor when both elevators stopped working (I guess there was a reason why the porter did not want to let us use them in the beginning). And poor guys had to get up the last load up the stairs.

During this time the next problem developped. When I put my key into the lock, it just would not turn, everyone tried, but nothing helped, the door did not open.

Call to my flatmate: she said she had made the double, but did not test it before she gave it to me. So we called the landlady, she said she had several spare keys but was not sure if any of them would fit this door.

One of the guys was sent to pick up the keys. It took him almost an hour to drive half way through Cairo and come back, while we were standing in the hallway joking around to avoid thinking about what would happen if those keys were not the right ones. We tried them all out and of course, none of them was fitting.

One option was to get all the stuff down again and me staying in the hotel next door until my flatmate would come back from her weekend. But since the two elevators were still not working, it would not have been the smartest thing to do.

Next idea was to let me stay at the hotel and pay a guy to stay in the corridor and guard my stuff...

In the end, my friend had enough and slammed against the door. Three well placed shoulder slamms and the lock flew through the air and the door was open. (scarry how fast and easy these locks break!). Now all boxes, bags and suitcases could be brought into the flat.

The door was open, but no lock was left to close it again. Luckily there was still a door chain and a plastic plant in a tremendously heavy pot, which I could push in front of the door for the night until a carpenter could come the next morning to fix the door and put in a new lock...

Big thanks, to Mohssen, who stayed through the whole "process" and was more than helpful!

For the last 3 months now, I have been able to enjoy my nice sunny apartment with lovely Nile and Pyramids view without any bigger disturbences - El Hamdullilah!

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