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Hello again,


scarry enough, time has gone by so fast again since my last blog entry. You might be wondering what I am doing now... well, I am still in Cairo and this is not due to my fractured coccyx (which is slowly getting better - more about that in another message). I chose to move back to Cairo. My "nice" partners in Dahab were not that nice after all and after some irregularities, i could not turn a blind eye on anymore, I decided to leave the partnership and the hotel. It was not an easy decision to leave my dream, but now I realise it was the best thing to do. I am happy to start new adventures in my beloved huge, chaotic, noisy but fascinating Cairo. A nice little plus, as well: my blog name fits again ;-) yeayyy!!!

So now get prepared for new stories from my life in the beating heart of Egypt.

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