thanks God for Barbie

As you know I fractured my coccyx end of January. This ment being stuck to the couch for quite some time, which could be very frustrating.

On the other hand it also ment funny things, like getting a daily butt massage by my physiotherapist for continous 4 months.

Once I was more mobile again, i had to find a way to sit again, my poor little butt (ok, it might not be that little, but it sounds better in this expression :-D) still being quite fragile, the doctor suggested a medical sitting ring. The only problem: it was impossible to find an imported ring and the Egypt-made ones, dont only smell horribly rubbery, but they also deflate after 2 mins. So I spent almost 2 months sitting sidewise, in the weirdest positions, putting the weight on one leg and shifting again on the other leg once the first one got numb. Then a friend told me that she used a swimming ring when she had broken her coccyx.

I did not wait long and took a little trip to Carrefour. The only swimming ring available was a bright pink Barbie ring. I bought it anyway, covered it with a black pillow cover and have been carrying it everywhere ever since.

Last week, after 2,5 months loyal service, poor Barbie ring deflated and could not be revived anymore.

Thinking, I could change style a bit, I bought a new "rainbow" ring. However, when i unpacked it, I realised it was way too big. I surely have a large butt, but not that large! Thing I did not know, there are actually different sizes of swimming rings - you learn something every day!

Since this rainbow ring was the only one available in my neighbourhood, I asked a friend to get me one in the size I needed, and guess what he brought me:

Yes, even though this time more purpleish-pink, with a princess on it, it is also coming from the house Matel: Barbie!

Looks like Barbie is there to serve my butt eternally,...

Needless to say that these lines are written while sitting on lovely Barbie ;-)

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