high season for kleenex boxes

Yes, it is high season for tissues again. On every street corner you find people standing and selling cleenex boxes to passing by car drivers.

No, the buyers dont all have the flue (even though with the freezing A/C temperatures in buildings, it would not be surprising). Most people buy the tissues to put them in the car and use them to wipe the sweat of their faces in a frequance exponential to the temperature outside. Taxi drivers often even have a special holding device which fixes the box in a place of the car where they can get out the tissues out ergonometrically. Polite taxi drivers will offer some to their soaked customers as well and I usually accept greatfully.

While I am writing this, the thermometer shows "nice" 38C in my living room, needless to say that a jumbo box of cleenex is my loyal companion ;-)

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