... already half a year

Half a year has passed again since I last wrote on this blog...

So what happned so far?

I got a job as Coordinator of International Affairs for Heliopolis University. It is quite far outside and it takes me more or less an hour to get there and longer to get home, as traffic tends to be bad in the afternoon. since i still didnt manage to buy a car, the taxis are earning quite well with me (here also plenty of "funny stories" to tell.... later ;-))

Ramadan went by smoothly, this year. I didnt fast along and did not really get into the "ramadan feeling"... maybe this was also due to the fact that the part of town I live in is full of embassies and mainly inhabited by expatriates. Still, I got to enjoy some nice "Iftars" (fast breakings) with moslem friends who were happy to invite me despite my non-fasting ;-) Thank you!

As my egyptian friend had a baby, she invited me to a typical egyptian baby party.... but this is worth a whole blog entry.... coming soon!

Then Christmas time approached, and I have to say, by now the Egyptians have figured out that there is a lot of money to be made by selling all this kitschy Christmas decdorations to the huge foreigners community in Cairo. Compared to 3 years ago, when I arrived and I unsuccessfully searched half of the city to find a simple light chain to decorate my green plant in the desperate try to get some Christmas feeling, this year whole stores full of Christmas decoration magically appeared on every street corner. As the German School in Cairo opened its doors for a Christmas market, i even had the pleasure to drink hot spice wine at Cairo typical "winterly" 25 C .

I got two spend 2,5 lovely weeks in Europe: Christmas in France with my family, inclusive one day shopping in Paris at crispy -8 C sunshine and clear blue sky and of course THE 6 hours lasting Christmas meal at my aunt's ... mmmhhhhh!!!! Then New Years in Bremen with my dearest friends, who managed to all get together to celebrate into 2008 - it was great!

After I came back to Cairo, the weather decided to help me not getting home sick (not that I ever do, but the weather did not seem to know that) and dropped dramatically in temperature.  Suddently i saw myself wearing T-Shirt, pollover, suit jacket and big winter jacket all on top of each other. Unthinkable to go to bed without big blanket and running heater. It was really cold and actually still is. And in case you wonder what my definition of "cold" is, i think you will agree that 2 to 12 C is not really bikini weather.

Two weeks ago Cairo went completely mad, when Egypt won again the African Cup in football, which was held in Ghana this time. Now, I dont know why Africa is having a continental Cup every two years and not every 4 years like the european or world cup, but the Egyptians seem to enjoy it a lot, especially when they win! I will spare you with "hoppa-e hoppa-a"s and description of black, white and red with a golden Eagle in the middle flooding the streets... you can read the blog entries from two years ago for that ;-)

Now that is what happened so far, my life calmed down a bit it seems, but still, I am sure I can come up with new stories for you, so stay tuned!

And of course, a bit late, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, may it bring joy, happiness and plenty of nice surprises!

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