only in Egypt you can see...

… a coffee shop employee putting a refrigerated water bottle in the microwave to get it to “room temperature”.

… an ambulance van with a regular house A/C sticking out of the rear door to cool down the vehicle.

… cleaners literarily flooding whole building staircases as regular way of “cleaning” them.

… policemen “borrowing” plastic crocodiles displayed in a hotel swimming pool to the occasion of an art event

… donkey carts on the highway

… trucks loaded to such extend that they tilt backwards, leaving the driver in his cabin hang high in the air.

... taxis deprived of all interior finishing, with eternally open windows and activating the horn by making a bare wire touch a random peace of metal in the car.

… expats drinking hot spice wine at 25 C during the traditional Christmas bazaar

…sheep standing on balconies, courtyards and being transported in or on taxis shortly before the great feast

… a combination of blinking lights, colourful garlands and a dozen of slaughtered cows hanging in front of the butchers to signal the approaching of the great feast.

… the UN Day Gala opened by pompous fire show accompanied by the Star Wars melody.

And to make it clear, while some people might interpret these things as complete nonsense and reason for not living in such an “unorganised and chaotic” city, these are exactly the things that I find, I admit not always amusing, but all in all charming. These are the things that make every day a little adventure and life more interesting… smile, you are in Egypt :)

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